Do you feel like your life is on the right path?

  • Are you finding joy in each day?
  • Do you feel burned out or as if you’ve lost your purpose?
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    Are you wishing for deeper intimacy, love, trust, and support?
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    Do you have questions or feel uncertain about your spirituality?

  • Do you feel like you've lost your spark for life?

There's a better path - and it starts here:

There's no reason to wait to find the life you truly love...

Change can be uncomfortable. It is the reason you might have struggled or even left yourself behind when starting a new journey.

That's exactly why I combine proven techniques to help you work on mind, body & spirit in a powerful transformation and healing journey. I use principles of holistic and alternative medicine, mindfulness, positive psychology, spiritual sciences, quantum mechanics, neuroplasticity, and fight-or-flight physiology as well as the fundamental laws of nature.

I'm Mariya Shiyko, Ph.D.

I'm Mariya Shiyko, PhD, a holistic life coach, alternative medicine practitioner, and spiritual counsellor. 

I use proven holistic modalities to help initiate powerful inner change.  

I apply the "inside-out" approach to working with clients, where changes on the outside are supported by inner transformation around fear patterns, remembering who we are and recovering individuality. I combine Western sciences with traditional healing modalities from India, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Russia, US, & Europe.

Your Path to Joyful and Creative Living will help you:

  • Discover and amplify your inner strengths.
  • Minimize negative patterns, traps, and conditioning 
  • Reconnect with your inner self and spirituality 
  • Develop your extraordinary and the process to create it each day.

Your journey to a happier, healthier, more confident You can start right now...